Choose an excellent large stuffed animal. The best plush penguin, black lab, lion and more Our collection is thoughtfully selected with care and they makes a great gift for kids and adults. Some of these giant stuffed animals are so large that the shipping calculator will not accurately show the air shipping charge. We will send you an amended shipping charge for your approval. Each best selling large stuffed animal is a high quality plush toy...guaranteed
large stuffed animal
These are our really big stuffed animals. The Saint Bernard jumbo dog and giant stuffed seal are our largest pieces. The large floppy golden retriever dog and the penguin are also favorites. These beautiful jumbo stuffed toys are often on display in our store in Sudbury MA.
big stuffed labradoodle

Large Stuffed Labradoodle

One of the most popular breeds; the labradoodle. ...
Code: st-doodle
Price: $99.99

lord titan large stuffed animal

Large Stuffed Lion

This Lord Titan large stuffed lion has amazing detail and feel. This beautiful giant stuffed lion has an overall length of 48 ...
Code: STLN
Price: $150.00

large stuffed unicorn

Large Stuffed Unicorn

Beautiful plush unicorn with a shiny gold horn. ...
Code: STUN
Price: $49.99

giant elmo doll

Super Elmo Doll

Super Elmo from Sesame Street is a giant stuffed toy and and a very popular Muppet. ...
Code: SSEL
Price: $150.00

large stuffed dragon

Large Stuffed Dragon Toy

Lovely 36" large stuffed dragon is so colorful and friendly. ...
Code: STDR
Price: $48.99

large stuffed dolphin

Large Stuffed Bottlenose Dolphin

Soft and huggable like a pillow. 42" long ...
Code: ST_Dolphin
Price: $35.00

large stuffed orca whale

Large Stuffed Orca Whale

Soft like a pilloew ...
Code: ST_Whale
Price: $34.99

large stuffed dog

Large Stuffed Dog Sherman

This large stuffed golden is the best there is! Jumbo and soooo huggable; makes a nice pillow too! 44" Sherman the Large Gold ...
Code: ST_Large_Floppy_Dog
Price: $140.00

magic the dragon beanie

Magic the Dragon

This plush dragon is a Ty classic from the year 1995. ...
Price: $12.99

toy stuffed penguin

Stuffed Emperor Penguin - Calvin

This stuffed penguin is 18" tall, a bit more portable; it fits under the arm nicely. ...
Code: ST_Medium_Stuffed_Penguin
Price: $40.00

large stuffed teddy bear

Large Stuffed Teddy Bear

This large stuffed teddy bear has a jumbo pot belly. ...
Code: large-teddy
Price: $79.99

gund my first teddy

My First Teddy

Gund Teddy bear for babies is a first teddy bear for baby. ...
Code: st-gund-teddy
Price: $110.00