This 3 wheeled

baby doll stroller

is so much fun for little girls. They can take their favorite doll out for a jog just like big people do! This 3 wheel toy jogging stroller combines fitness and fun. Best for play baby dolls 12" to 17" tall.

Baby Doll Stroller - Jogging Stroller

Code: toy-jog
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Baby Doll Stroller - Jogging Stroller

Baby Doll Stroller - Jogging Stroller

Code: toy-jog
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This toy baby doll jogging stroller is a stylish way for active young children to take a favorite baby doll for a walk or a jog. It features a lift-out baby carrier for extended play value. Fits up to a 17-inch baby doll. For kids 3+ years. Dimensions: H 21" x W 21" x D 12"
For ages 3+ unless stated above:

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