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We test each battery operated toy before we ship it so you can be reasonably sure it works when it arrives. It takes us more time but it's worth it to you!

The battery operated toys that make sound use a mechanical sound reproduction technique and often do not mimic the true sound of the pet.

Babble Budz Dinosaur - Mimic

Babble Budz Dinosaur - Mimic

Listen and repeat battery operated dinosaur. ...
Code: BO_Dino
Price: $22.99

Flip Over Dog

Flip Over Dog

Kids love the antics of this classic battery operated toy. ...
Code: BO_Flip_Dog
Sorry, we are currently sold out of 'Flip Over Dog'. Please check back later.

battery operated toy dog

Battery Operated Dog

Walking barking toy dogs with a cute squeaky bark. ...
Code: bo-walking-dog
Price: $14.99
Add 2 AA Duracell:

Battery Operated Butterfly

Battery Operated Butterfly

Battery operated butterfly in a jar toy ...
Code: bo-butterfly
Price: $19.99

battery operated toy pony

Battery Operated Pony

Pony frolics forward, stops, nods head and swings tail up and down. ...
Code: bo-pony
Price: $24.00
Add 2 AA Duracell:

battery operated pig

Battery Operated Pig - fantasy colors

These battery operated 10" pigs (the big ones) are great for toy pig racing. ...
Code: bo-pig-multi
Sorry, we are currently sold out of 'Battery Operated Pig - fantasy colors'. Please check back later.

battery operated bunny rabbit

Battery Operated Toy Bunny Rabbit

Battery operated bunnies are so easy to care for. Watch the toy bunny rab ...
Code: BO_Bunny
Sorry, we are currently sold out of 'Battery Operated Toy Bunny Rabbit'. Please check back later.

Hamster in a Ball Toy

Hamster in a Ball Toy

Great battery operated toy for kids and pets. This one totally amuses cats! ...
Code: BO_Hamster
Sorry, we are currently sold out of 'Hamster in a Ball Toy'. Please check back later.