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Here is a small sample of the craft kits we offer. We carry many popular brands like Creativity for Kids, Alex, Klutz and more.
knot a quilt pattern

Knot a Quilt Pattern

Make your own quilt with just a simple knot technique. ...
Code: cr-knot
Price: $29.99

pixel jewelry by alex

Pixel Jewelry

Alex Pixel Jewelry is a creative fuse bead jewelry making system. ...
Code: pixje
Price: $18.99

Klutz Friendship Bracelets Book

Klutz Friendship Bracelets

Newest edition of the most popular hands on craft book. Now with beads and trinkets. ...
Code: klutz-ffb
Price: $19.95

Klutz Stencil Art Book

Klutz Stencil Art

72 stencil shapes with colorful inks and dabbers. ...
Code: klutz-sa
Price: $19.95

Artsee Studio for IPAD

Artsee Studio

Place your kids IPAD in the fabulous drawing system for kids to get hours of creative drawing and interactive activities. ...
Code: artsee
Price: $34.99

Klutz Knitting Book

Klutz Knitting Book

Learn to knit 6 great projects. Make a long skinny scarf, a cozy hat, a cell phone sock, a snazzy little purse, sunglass case ...
Code: Klutz_Knitting
Price: $24.95

Klutz Spiral Draw Book

Klutz Spiral Draw Book

Classic spiral drawing is easy to do and makes drawing fun. Pictures can be colored in for extra play value. ...
Code: Klutz_Spiral
Price: $19.95

Klutz Nail Art Studio

Klutz Nail Art Studio

Have fun with child safe nail polishing. ...
Code: Klutz_Nail
Price: $24.95

Pottery Wheel

Pottery Wheel

Classic hands on pottery wheel with a foot petal for kids. ...
Code: pottery-wheel
Sorry, we are currently sold out of 'Pottery Wheel'. Please check back later.

spin art

Art Spinner

Here is another creative, easy to use spin art machine that always makes something special.. ...
Code: NSI-Paint
Sorry, we are currently sold out of 'Art Spinner'. Please check back later.

Friends 4 Ever Friendship Bracelet Kit

Friends 4 Ever Friendship Bracelet Kit

A complete friendship bracelet kit with looms and lots of cord. ...
Code: friends-4
Sorry, we are currently sold out of 'Friends 4 Ever Friendship Bracelet Kit'. Please check back later.

Klutz Bead Rings Book

Klutz Bead Rings

Make colorful and fancy bead rings for your fingers. Illustrated book shows how to create brilliant beaded patterns that are ...
Code: klutz-brings
Price: $16.99