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The finger spinner and the fidget cube both have therapeutic value. They help ALL AGES (3 years+) to concentrate, focus, and relax. Personally I'll take two!
finger spinners

Tri Blade FInger Spinners - ABS

Finger spinner offer hours of therapeutic relaxation and aid focus. ...
Code: finger-spinners-1
Price: $5.00

fidget cubes

Fidget Cubes

Fidget cubes are brightly colored cubes designed to soothe and aid in relaxation and focus ...
Code: fidget-cubes-1
Price: $6.99

two blade finder spinner abs

Twin Blade Finger Spinner - ABS

Twin blade ABS finger/hand spinner ...
Code: finger-spinner-2
Price: $5.00

Twin Blade Finger Spinner - Aluminum

Twin Blade Finger Spinner - Aluminum

Twin blade aluminum finder/hand spinner ...
Code: finger-spinner-3
Price: $8.00

metal finger spinner

Tri Blade Finger Spinner - Metal

Sleek new metal design. ...
Code: finger-spinner-4
Price: $19.99

led finger spinner

LED Finger Spinner

LED finger spinner is a fun light up fidget spinner. ...
Code: finger-spinner-led
Price: $7.00

Giant Slinky

Giant Slinky

The original fidget toy..who new? ...
Code: giant-slinky
Price: $12.99

chatter stones rattlesnake eggs magnetic toy

Chatter Stones / Rattlesnake Eggs

Toss these stones in the air for a chatter sound ...
Code: Chatter_Stones
Price: $3.25