There is always more selection in the Sudbury MA store!
Here are some of our large and medium size stuffed animals. Dogs, ponies, dragons, penguins, dolphin and more.
large stuffed animal
giant dragon by melissa & doug

Winged Dragon Giant Stuffed Animal

4 foot wide wingspan ...
Code: st-lgdra
Price: $99.00

large stuffed black lab toy

Large Stuffed Black Lab Dog - 40" - Dickens

Dickens looks and feels great. ...
Code: st-blab-40
Price: $148.00

sherman large stuffed dog douglas

Large Stuffed Dog Sherman

Beautiful plush Sherman dog ...
Code: ST_Large_Floppy_Dog
Price: $148.00

Sylvie Sloth

Sylvie Sloth

Welcome to the year of the sloth ...
Code: sylvie-sloth
Price: $49.99

large stuffed penguin

Large Stuffed Penguin

Orville, the large stuffed Emperor penguin is 30" tall. This large stuffed penguin features air brushed details. ...
Code: ST_Large_Stuffed_Penguin
Sorry, we are currently sold out of 'Large Stuffed Penguin'. Please check back later.

Aragon Navy Dragon

Aragon Navy Dragon

Beautiful detail on this 18" beauty. ...
Code: st-arg

toy stuffed penguin

Stuffed Emperor Penguin - Calvin

This stuffed penguin is 18" tall, a bit more portable; it fits under the arm nicely. ...
Code: ST_Medium_Stuffed_Penguin
Price: $40.00

Appaloosa Paint Horse stuffed animal

Canyon Large Stuffed Appaloosa Paint Horse

Beautiful 32" stuffed animal paint horse. ...
Code: apal
Sorry, we are currently sold out of 'Canyon Large Stuffed Appaloosa Paint Horse'. Please check back later.

ginger bear by gund

Ginger Bear by Gund 4059116

Super soft to touch and pillowy Gund bear ...
Code: st-ginger
Price: $69.99

big stuffed labradoodle

Large Stuffed Labradoodle

One of the most popular breeds; the labradoodle. ...
Code: st-doodle
Sorry, we are currently sold out of 'Large Stuffed Labradoodle'. Please check back later.

large stuffed unicorn

Large Stuffed Unicorn Abracadabra

Beautiful plush unicorn with a shiny gold horn. ...
Code: STUN
Price: $49.99

giant elmo doll

Super Elmo Doll

Super Elmo from Sesame Street is a giant stuffed toy and and a very popular Muppet. ...
Code: SSEL
Sorry, we are currently sold out of 'Super Elmo Doll'. Please check back later.