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These Magna-Tiles are tiles with magnets build into each tile.

Kids will enjoy endless building configurations. They can combine Magna-Tiles in infinite ways to build flat like pattern blocks or advance up to complex 3D models. The Magna-Tiles add a geometric perspective to the way kids play with the Magna-Tiles.

Smartmax are magnetic balls and rods that are safe for ages 1+ years. build simple snakes, triangles, rectangles, cubes, pyramids, and more.
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Magna-Tiles 32

Build flat patterns or amazing 3-D designs withthis 32 piece set of magnetic building tiles ...
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Magna-Tiles 100

More pieces means more fun. Build flat patterns or amazing 3-D designs with this 100 piece translucent set of magnetic buildi ...
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smartmax home sweet home

SmartMax Home Sweet Home

Rods and balls magnetic building set. ...
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Price: $69.99

smartmax magnetic discovery basic 25 36 42 | Boston

Smartmax Magnetic Building Toy - START

Smartmax magnetic discovery is a safe and educational building toy for 1+ years. Large pieces are easy to handle and go toget ...
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Price: $64.99
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smartmax mega ball run

Smartmax Mega Ball Run

A grand building toy for ages 1+. It's a ball drop and grab toy, it's a marble run, and it's a building system as simple or c ...
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Price: $115.00