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High quality straw Flower Girl Hat with ruffle banding and scarf

Our flower girl hats are made using high quality bright white wide brim straw hats. We offer matching flower girl gloves and a collection of flower girl shoes.

Flower Girl Hat - Silver Sparkle (1pc.)

Code: 1462
Price: $19.99
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child flower girl hat

Flower Girl Hat - Silver Sparkle (1pc.)

Code: 1462
Price: $19.99



Our flower girl hat has a white ruffle with silver holographic dot band and a matching scarf trailer that creates a graceful look to complement the bridal party. The hat sparkles and suits the ambiance of an elegant wedding. The hat will fit most little girls 3-12 years old. The design of the straw hat is shallow so it will sit on a young child's head and look just as good on a 12 year old. We also offer this hat trimmed with a narrow feather or a wide feather. Be sure to look through our collection listed under "tea party hats".
For ages 3+ unless stated above:

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