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Babble Budz Dinosaur - Mimic

Code: BO_Dino
Price: $22.99
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Babble Budz Dinosaur - Mimic

Babble Budz Dinosaur - Mimic

Code: BO_Dino
Price: $22.99



This fun little dino from the Babble Budz collection is tons of fun. Baby Dinosaur will listen for sound and record for up to 10-15 seconds and then repeat it back automatically. A mimick toy that sounds pretty good and is sure to make you smile. Baby Dino can pick up on a conversation that soon turns to all laughs (because you are laughing). It has a basic higher pitched playback mode, as well as a deep voice and robot selectable play back mode. As it walks it talks for added engagement. 8.5” tall, embroidered eyes and soft plush make this a kid friendly toy. Battery case has a screw cover and is retained in a Velcro closure pouch. It is recommended for ages 3+ years, although it is build with safety in mind. Demo batteries are included, but should be replaced with better ones.
For ages 3+ unless stated above:

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