Stunning girls high fashion shiny gold high heels

Kids High Heel Shoes-gold-gz

Code: agbh
Price: $34.99
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kids high heels

Kids High Heel Shoes-gold-gz

Code: agbh
Price: $34.99


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These stunning, open toe, bright gold high heel shoes have a zippered back. A delicate ankle strap is detailed with a rhinestone wrapped bow on the side of the shoe. The toe strap is made up of three overlapping bands that are sewn to an under-layer to create a more comfortable feel. All around the entire shoe platform is dotted with rhinestones as well as a tasteful rhinestone star design on both sides of the heel. The overall impression of the dress shoe is an elegant, yet simple, sparkling gold foil fabric high heel shoe perfect for dressing up, pageants, or any special occasion. Kids high heels have a padded inner sole and 1.5" heels. All man made material. Available in toddler and children's sizes.
For ages 3+ unless stated above:

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