Babble Budz Dinosaur – Mimic


Listen and repeat battery operated dinosaur.


This fun little dino from the Babble Budz collection is tons of fun. Baby Dinosaur will listen for sound and record for up to 10-15 seconds and then repeat it back automatically. A mimic toy that sounds pretty good and is sure to make you smile. Baby Dino can pick up on a conversation that soon turns to all laughs (because you are laughing). It has a basic higher pitched playback mode, as well as a deep voice and robot selectable play back mode. As it walks it talks for added engagement. 8.5″ tall, embroidered eyes and soft plush make this a kid friendly toy. Battery case has a screw cover and is retained in a Velcro closure pouch. It is recommended for ages 3 years, although it is build with safety in mind. Demo batteries are included, but should be replaced with better ones.

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Weight 1.25 lbs


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For ages 3+ unless stated above: