Carrera Go DTM SLot Car Race Set

Code: carrera-go-dtm
Price: $130.00
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slot car race sets for 6 year olds

Carrera Go DTM SLot Car Race Set

Code: carrera-go-dtm
Price: $130.00



Carrera Go for ages 6+ has the magic to engage kids. The loop adds extra challenge to control the cars. Go to fast and the cars will fly off the track. SKILL is part of the game. Slot car race set should be set up on the floor for best results. Perfect for 6 years old.
1 BMW M4 DTM, M.Wittman, No.11 (64089), 1 Audi Teufel RS 5 DTM, M. Molina, No.17 (64090), 4 Extension set 1, 9 Straights standard - 13.46 in. / 342 mm, 4 Straights - 6.73 in. / 171 mm, 2 Straights 4.48 in. / 114 mm - 3.94 in. / 100 mm, 6 Curves 1/90, 2 Looping sets, 4 High banked curves 1/45, 1 Connecting section, 1 Analog lap counter, 2 Speed controllers, 1 Transformer, 4 Guardrails, 16 Guardrail supports, 2 Looping clips - tops, 15 Easy clips, Track Connection clips, Double sliding contacts, Guide Keels, Instructions
And now even more information.
The set come with 29.20 feet of track which allows the use of all Carrera 1/43rd scale cars. The dimensions of this set are 7.22 x 3.22 feet when set up.
For ages 3+ unless stated above:

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