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Fidget Cubes

Code: fidget-cubes-1
Price: $6.99
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fidget cubes

Fidget Cubes

Code: fidget-cubes-1
Price: $6.99



Fidget cubes are brightly colored cubes designed to soothe and aid in relaxation and focus. Each side of the cube has a quirky little feature that including a light touch roller ball, buttons, rocker switch, press down firmly and rotate platter, and more. The cubes are 7/8" square and come with a wrist strap. #fidgetcubes at Cloud Nine Toys Boston, Metro West Sudbury. Fast shipping.
    Features by side:
  • 5 click buttons
  • 3 textured wheels and steel roller ball
  • Joystick
  • Rocker switch
  • Rotating platter with slightly raised knob
  • Concave elliptical "worry stone"
For ages 3+ unless stated above:

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