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This visual skills set card game will teach you to think outside the box.

Set Card Game

Code: set
Price: $14.99
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Set Card Game

Set Card Game

Code: set
Price: $14.99


This one takes a bit of thought but has only 1 rule. The 3 cards that you pick out of the 12 cards shown on the table have to be a set. That's it! Start the games. Set is so highly valued as a "math game" that it is often used in school as a learning tool.
So what's a set?
A set is simply 3 cards that have all similar or dissimilar properties throughout the set (3 cards). I won't bore you with the details but each card only has 4 properties: color, number of items on the card, shape, and interior texture (solid, striped, etc).
For 1 or more players. Ages 6 - adult.
For ages 3+ unless stated above:

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