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Recycle/Reuse water and soda bottles with the Wahzooka Squirt Gun

Wahzooka Squirt Gun

Code: wa-wiz
Price: $9.99
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Wahzooka Squirt Gun

Wahzooka Squirt Gun

Code: wa-wiz
Price: $9.99


This pump squirt gun is so green it should have grass growing on it. The next town over from us in Concord MA has a ban on water bottle sales. That's because there is no deposit so people just toss them. When I came across this toy I thought this would be the perfect toy to recycle plastic soda and water bottles. One can fill a backpack with soda bottles and go for the ultimate squirt gun expedition. The Water Wiz operates by screwing on any size soda or water bottle and then holding onto the handle and pumping the "muzzle". The harder you pump, the further it goes. It's lots of fun to use and such a good idea for a greener planet. The Water Wiz is 19" long and extends to 24" for the pump phase.
For ages 3+ unless stated above:

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